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DRI Sleeper

Older man pushing child on swingBed wetting alarms are a quick and easy way to help solve bedwetting issues when used in conjunction with night toilet training. How it works is that the thin, wireless moisture sensor is placed in the child’s underwear and when the child wets themselves, a wireless battery powered alarm sounds. This alarm can be placed up to 35 feet away. By waking up when they wet themselves, the child learns what it feels like to have a full bladder and they can learn to wake up to use the bathroom. This product can be purchased on Amazon.


Luminosity is an app which is used for training your brain. This site uses games to sharpen your memory, attention, speed, problem solving and flexibility. It is fun and useful for all ages and skill levels. The best part is it just takes a few minutes a day. Luminosity is compatible on smart phones, tablets and PCs.

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